A high-performance weldless pipe connector that uses a unique metal-to-metal sealing system


 The Poulton Technologies PT-1 connector is a weldless mechanical connector that has been designed to replace:


  • Traditional pipe to pipe butt welding
  • ANSI / API Flanges
  • Hub-type connectors (Grayloc, Techlok, etc.)
  • Compact flanges (SPO – Vector, Taperlok)
  • Existing weldless connection systems

Using the PT-1 completely removes the risks and costs associated with welding (such as heat, post-weld testing & inspection, and hot work permits).  It also avoids the requirement for habitation or plant isolation and shutdown, when pipe work and repairs are required.


Compared to many connectors, the PT-1 is smaller and lighter, and compared with ANSI flanges, it is much smaller and lighter.  However, we believe it is also much stronger and resistant to external influences than any other connector design for a comparable pipe size, pressure, and media temperature.  This is because the design features responsible for connecting are separated and decoupled from the design features responsible for sealing.

This also makes it ideal for new construction applications, where it competes very favourably with more traditional welded-joints, other connectors and flanges.


The PT-1 is also very quick and simple to install.


In summary, The PT-1 connector is ideal for both repair and new construction applications where the risks associated with welding need to be removed, or where you simply want a better, more reliable joint.

Key Benefits

  • Weldless 100% metal-to-metal seal – Industry preference, especially on hydrocarbon and/or high-temperature systems


  • Removable and reusable (with new seals fitted) – Excellent access for maintenance


  • Reduced weight – The connector occupies a much smaller envelope than conventional flanges


  • Save money – The weldless nature of the PT-1 connector makes it competitive with welded systems, included welded-flanges when comparing the total cost of connection


  • High-strength connection so it is capable of withstanding both internal pressure and a wide range of external load conditions


  • Wide range of operating conditions – Temperature and pressure (Initial approvals cover the connector up to 10,000 psi and over 600 deg C)


  • Lloyds Register type approval covering 1” to 16” N. B.  Note that the design can be scaled to cover larger diameters


  • Compatibility with various pipe materials / process fluids.  Only the seals and centre section are process-wetted, so the PT-1 can be supplied NACE MR 0175 compliant.


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