Product Type Approval by Lloyd’s Register

  • For pipes from 1 to 16 inches nominal bore, and pressure up to 10,000 psi
  • Compliant with the ASME Div VIII pressure vessel and ASME B31 pipe / piping codes

Pipes and Test Pressures (Product Evaluation Data)

Coupling Proof (Burst) Test

Note: Tests stopped due to the test pipe itself yielding.

In addition to the above, a 4” 420 bar (design pressure) coupling was internally tested by BHR Group to 1600 bar.  At this pressure, the pipe failed catastrophically, however, the coupling and the connection between the coupling and the pipe remained intact.



Tests performed in accordance with IACS P2.

All tests were performed at an ambient temperature of 15 to 35°C, using hydraulic oil as the test medium and with an internal pressure equal to the design pressure of each coupling.


Pull Out Test

 The tests were undertaken in accordance with IACS P2 specification and with internal pressure equal to the coupling’s design pressure.

Ultimate Pull Out Test

A 4” coupling (pressurised internally to the design pressure (3,655 psi)) was subjected to a tensile load, with the conditions remaining until either there was a loss of pressure or a mechanical failure occurred.

The applied tensile load reach 1356 kN, at which point the test pipe connection with the PT-1 connector broke free.  There was no loss of pressure until this point, i.e. the seal remained intact.


Bend and Pressure

A four-point bending condition was applied twice on each of the 2″, 4″ and 8″ couplings.  The connector was internally pressurised for each test, as follows:

  • Low pressure (500psi) + high bend
  • High pressure (design pressure) + low bend

The applied bending moment in both scenarios was sufficient to generate a minimum combined pipe wall stress of 80% smys.


Fire Test

4” and 8” couplings were subjected to and successfully passed the API 6FB Pt 1 fire test.


Gas Bubble

This test was applied to the 4” coupling, internally pressurised to 3655 psi, which it successfully passed.

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